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Dealing with “Uncle Bob” and paparazzi guests at a wedding

In an effort to keep this post positive, I will not go into a rant on how “Uncle Bob” can ruin a wedding by deciding that he is suddenly a wedding photographer or videographer for a day when he gets in the way of the professionals trying to do their jobs. Although there is really not a concrete way to prevent guests from bringing their own cameras and taking pictures at a wedding, there is a delicate balance between taking a few pictures and actually jumping in the way of the professionals or standing directly behind the officiate during the ceremony. We try to educate our couples that while we are documenting their special day, it is advisable that guests and “Uncle Bob” armed with a video camera be aware that we are the ones the couple is paying. In order for us to do our jobs effectively, we need to be able to get our shots without being interrupted by guests blocking us from doing so. We are very nice, in that we always allow time for them to get their shots after we pose the groups for the formals, but when it comes to jumping in front of us or standing behind the couple during the ceremony, we need to try to prevent this from happening. This can really do damage to wedding images, as you will see when I post some wedding photos where this occurred just recently. Fortunately, we were able to zoom in very close and shoot at certain angles where the videographer was not in every shot, but during some important moments, there he was. Sometimes it is difficult to try to weed through the crowd of paparazzi taking their own photos in order to capture the bride walking down the aisle, or the couple cutting the cake, or the garter being tossed. I am writing this post as a sort of cautionary tale to advise couples to try to make their guests aware that they are “guests” who should relax and enjoy the day. The couple has hired professionals to capture their day so that everyone else can just simply eat, drink, and be merry!

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