No pictures during ceremony??? What???

June 3, 2013 ocweddings

I have to vent for a minute about a wedding that we photographed on Saturday.  Beautiful day, nice bride & groom, and everything looked very promising.  That is, until we were told by the priest a few minutes before the ceremony that we were not allowed to take ANY pictures of the entire ceremony.  None.  Not just turn off the flash-NO PICTURES. Period. So, we were the only paid photographers whose duties were to document the wedding, and we were the only ones not permitted to do so while all of the guests were snapping away!  I was very frustrated, to say the least, and in order to keep the bride from getting anymore upset I calmed her down by promising that we could reenact the important moments.  I hope I never run into that priest again, and I will tell my future brides about him so that they make sure that they do not book with him.  He needs to step out of the dark ages.  We asked her about this very thing in our meeting with her, and she assured us that he told her “just no flash” was allowed.  Big mistake.  This has to be made very clear before a church is booked.  This is the most important day of a young girl’s life, and it is a shame not to allow pictures of this wonderful event.

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